Welcome to the University of Professional Politics!

Nowadays the words “politician – a profession” make people more surprising than understanding. Not many people consider the politics as a profession – complicated, polyhedral and of high responsibility. The profession of a politician requires not only certain personal skills but special theoretical knowledge and practical experience as well.

Actually, the politicians carrying out their professional responsibility, have a huge load – not really less than astronauts. Complicacy and significance of decisions taken by federal ministers, heads of republics, governors or mayors are extremely high.

The labor policy requires special training, a lot of competencies and experiences – this is the verdict of thinkers, scientists and professionals who studied political activity of man and its consequences since Aristotle and Plato.

We are convinced: the more Russians will get to know about the professional requirements to those who come into power and more political leaders will meet such criteria, the sooner the political culture of our society will increase, the more considerable the acquisitions of the citizens from the political system of modern Russia will be.

We see the destination of the University of Professional Politics in developing and improving Russian political system through training the professionals in politics – those who will create a real policy in the near future, those who will serve our Motherland with full awareness of their professional responsibilities.


The short-term programs of the University of Professional Politics last from one to two days. During this time thanks to well-organized technique precisely chosen assignments you will learn the material effectively and will adopt the experience both teachers’ and courses participations’. The .